These general sale conditions will be applied to all operations negotiated with FTT Group, and are to be considered as accepted by the customer when issuing the order. The minimum order is euro 2.000,00. Below this amount the company will ask an advanced payment.

Sales are ex works. The goods are shipped freight collect if the purchaser wishes to receive the goods, through a carrier of its own choice.

Delivery terms are not binding, but submitted to the requirements of production and any delay does not give the right to the purchaser to annul the order or apply for damage refund of whatever sort. Strikes, railway interruptions, failures of installations and any other cause which may lead to a partial or total stop of work, are to be considered as force majeure cases, which can account for the suspension of contract performance.

Prices of products are negotiated with clients taking into account type, model, finiture, and quantity of goods, along with the natural fluctuations of raw material costs. Only the prices indicated in the order confirmation will be binding for FTT Group.

Any claims, for whichever reason, have to be sent, compulsorily by and not after eight days starting from the receipt of goods. In case of shortages, the number of received packages, the inspection coupon inserted in each confection by the operator in charge have to be specified. No claim will be taken in consideration if the above time term has expired.

1.    Any faulty material will be replaced at the following conditions:

2.    The previous authorization to return the goods was asked and given;

3.    The material was produced recently;

4.    There is presence of manufacturing faults and not of prolonged wear;

5.    The purchase was made not longer than ninety days before.

All the material to be replaced is sent to FTT Group with carriage paid and accompanied by the regular return coupon with all the data of the delivery bill and of the purchase invoice.

Damages due to inappropriate installation or to wrong utilization of the supplied material are not covered by any guarantee.

Payments have to settled in the time terms established directly at our premises, at the conditions established in the order confirmation and indicated on the invoice. Failure to pay the invoices when due, will give rise to the automatic suspension of execution of ongoing orders.

Illustrations, descriptions and technical features are not binding, and can be varied with no previous communication. Furthermore, FTT Group reserves the right to modify the products if it is held necessary in order to improve their functioning.

In case of strife the only competent court is the one of our Italian territorial jurisdiction, under the terms of articles 28 et 29 c.p.c.